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Star Brand, New Future

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Update time : 2020-12-26 11:31:00

Sanitary ware industry new year grand ceremony was held in Foshan on December 25,2020.

Star brand, new future, China home brand builders summit and star brand · new future 2020 sanitary ware industry new year grand ceremony was held in Foshan on December 25, 2020. Many bathroom entrepreneurs and excellent home brand builders come together to witness the grand occasion of the industry and help the development of China's bathroom industry


Under the guidance of China Building Materials Market Association, sponsored by National Advertising Research Institute, and jointly organized by Xinhua news agency client, Communication University of China, Tencent home, bathroom news and other authoritative institutions, this grand meeting is the largest summit of China's bathroom industry. The conference will discuss the road of brand building from different fields and angles, seek good strategies and ways of brand building, and realize win-win situation between enterprises and brands by strengthening industrial integration and interaction, so as to help Chinese brands rise and build a world brand power!
Brand is not only the embodiment of enterprise value, but also the carrier of a country's culture and ideology. The number of brands is an important indicator to measure a country's economic strength and world influence. Brand prosperity means enterprise prosperity, enterprise prosperity means economy prosperity, economy prosperity means country prosperity! Do a good job in brand building, work in the contemporary, benefit in the future!