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More bathroom knowledge, Better to enjoy your life

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Update time : 2021-01-20 20:25:12

More bathroom knowledge, Better to enjoy your life

The more personal and private things are, the more they witness a person's taste and quality. In the home life layout, we tend to focus on the TV, sofa, Kitchenware and other furniture, however, usually ignore the essential choice of bathroom furniture. In the course of a day, the most inevitable thing for us is the contact with the bathroom environment. No one will want to make do with the choice of bathroom furniture, no one

will want to go home after a day's work or busy and have to endure this unsatisfactory bathroom environment.Good bathroom will make you get a better relaxation after busy, clean and beautiful bathroom. comfort of the family. Environment will make people feel very comfortable no matter in bathing or sanitation. Good bathroom choice is also proof of your true taste. Good bathroom, whether from the appearance or performance, can exceed the general bathroom utensils, the material is more environmentally friendly and hygienic. It's more like an investment, and the return is the endless health and the return is the endless health and comfort of the family.

As a senior bathroom furniture enthusiast, I would like to share some suggestions on the selection of bathroom appliances, so as to select the products with the highest quality and cost performance at the first time.
1、 Perfect combination of advanced materials and careful production
Health and easy use are the most important bathroom products which are often in close contact with oneself or family members. So at this point, I pay special attention to choose some smooth and clean surface, good touch, material safety products.
At the same time, is the porcelain body made with imported precision equipment more durable, and can effectively avoid cracking and deformation? The service life of one product is absolutely equal to that of several ordinary products, and the cost performance is beyond your imagination.
2、 The style is novel and unique, and integrates with the overall furniture atmosphere.
As a part of the overall furniture design, bathroom appliances should have a response to the overall furniture atmosphere, so as not to appear abrupt and out of place. This requires us to have a pair of insight to discover beauty in our choice. From the color of the product, white is absolutely a super versatile color, which has an inherent sense of cleanliness and can be well integrated with various home environments. But in the choice of white sanitary ware, we should pay attention to the selection of low water absorption appliances, so that we can effectively avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of dirt, and prevent the yellowing, smelling, cracking and other problems.
3、 Use bright colors to improve light shortage.

The bathroom without windows is called "dark bathroom". The dark bathroom must use bright color, and the wall brick should use bright color, such as white. In this way, the defect of insufficient light can be improved at least visually. If you use dark colors for the so-called dirt resistance, the lighting will be greatly affected.
4、 Use transparent partition to introduce light.
If the use of bright colors to improve the light is not immediate enough, then there is a very thorough method, that is to directly use transparent partition. If the receptivity is good, you can consider making a transparent bathroom, because many dark bathrooms are in the master bedroom. Even if such a bathroom is made into a fully transparent type, it is a good choice, so that the light comes in directly.


If you can't accept a fully transparent bathroom, you can improve it a little, and make it transparent by the door. Although it's not fully transparent, the lighting is no problem as well.
5、 Dry and wet areas should be divided.
Wet and dry partition is the best way for bathroom, but for the bathroom without windows, wet and dry partition is especially beneficial. When wet and dry partition is made, the whole bathroom will not be wet when taking a bath. The bathroom without windows is not ventilated, so it takes a long time to dry. After wet and dry partition, at least only the wet area needs to be dried, which is also convenient for us to take care of.
6、 Choose floor drain and toilet with good quality.
Floor drain and toilet are the places where the odor is most likely to appear in the bathroom. If they are not well chosen, they will cause the odor to run rampant in the bathroom. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a good quality deodorant floor drain and toilet. Secondly, timely disposal of toilet paper waste is also crucial, must not be lazy~