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What should we pay attention to when buying faucets

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Update time : 2021-01-28 18:32:43

What should we pay attention to when buying faucets?

If the faucet is not well chosen, it will leak after a period of time. It is a waste of money and very troublesome to replace it frequently. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a large brand of guaranteed products, but the normal faucet also can be chosen if you know some knowledge.
Here some suggestions as below for your reference.

1. Weight: when choosing a faucet, you should pay attention not to buy a faucet that is too light. In order to reduce the cost, the manufacturer hollows out the copper inside the faucet. The faucet looks big and is not heavy, so it is easier to withstand the water pressure burst.
2, Handle: cold and hot water is controled by one single handle which is easy to use, because only one hand is can operating when working in kitchen room.
3, Water outlet: the water outlet placed at a high place makes it easy to fill the basin/sink.
4, Cartridge: This is the heart of the faucet. The hot and cold faucets are all made of ceramic cartridge. The best quality of cartridge such as Sedal, Flues, Vernet, Korex etc. Some domestic brand such as Kangqin, Mingshi, Juteng also with a good quality.
5,Rotation angle: when choosing a faucet, you need to pay attention to the fact that it can rotate 180 degrees to make the work more convenient, while the 360 degree rotation is only meaningful for a sink in the middle of the house.
6, With pull-out Sprayer: increase the effective radius, so that the sink can be washed easily and more quickly.
7, Hose: experience shows that 50 cm long pipe is enough, and 70 cm or more pipe can be bought on the market. Pay attention not to buy aluminum wire pipes, but to use stainless steel wire. Hold it tightly in your hand. If your hand turns black, it is aluminum wire. If there is no change, it is stainless steel wire. It is better to use stainless steel hose woven with 5 international standard wires on the outside. The inner pipe of the hose is made of EPDM, the connecting nut is red punching and forging, and the outer surface is sandblasted and plated with 4um (thickness) nickel.
8, Of course, the faucet material is also very important, brass and stainless steel faucet is the first choice, try not to use zinc alloy or plastic faucet. Faucet spare parts technology, polishing and chrome plating are also should be considered.