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The 20th Shanghai KBC Exhibition: the concept function "realizes" the intelligence does not play the virtual

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Update time : 2015-06-08 21:17:00
On June 6, the 20th Shanghai KBC exhibition came to an end. During the 4-day exhibition, all major kitchen and bathroom enterprises put their best efforts into the exhibition. All kinds of dealers and media were invited to different booth activities to visit new products on the spot, which was very lively.
In the first two years, intelligence is only a hot trend in oral language. But this year, intelligent products at kitchen and bathroom exhibition have obviously entered the popularization stage. The Internet plus has strong linkage advantages, and the intelligent products developed by the major kitchen and bathroom enterprises begin to show their strong intelligence. The former empty concept is obviously missing at this kitchen and bathroom exhibition. Many consumers are beginning to choose these "it seems quite necessary to use" intelligent products.